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Are Educare programs for you?

  1. Are you involved in the criminal justice system and in need of treatment assistance in meeting court requirements?
  2. Are you ready to stop the cycle of reoccurring legal problems?
  3. Have you had trouble controlling your anger that has caused problems for you and your family?
  4. Have your legal problems affected your relationships?  Finances? Employment?
  5. Are you embarrassed by the things you have said or done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  6. Have you been involved with the criminal justice system due to alcohol or mood altering substances?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Educare can help.

Educare programs can assist you in meeting your court requirements and helping you to avoid these problem situations in the future.


DUI Safety School

Educare facilitates a DUI school program that is PRIME for Life certified.
Classes fill up quickly. We encourage you to sign-up for the weekend you want as early as possible.

Williamson Co. JAIL Class-12 Hour

-Must be registered by 2pm Friday
-Must be serving 48 hours AT TIME OF CLASS
Available Williamson Co. Jail Classes $175
Name/Phone of Class Registrant
To MAIL Williamson Co Jail Class payment, CLICK HERE

CITY Class-12 Hour

Available Franklin City Classes $135 (Held at Educare Office)
Name/Phone of Class Registrant

To MAIL Franklin Class payment, CLICK HERE

We provide the required education for reinstatement. This class will fulfill your alcohol safety school requirement per order of the court, probation or SR22 insurance. Educare can assist clients who are seeking reinstatement of driving privileges and may need a substance abuse evaluation.

Educare will conduct evaluations and provide needed treatment or program requirements and documentation to the state. We are licensed substance abuse professionals.



Alcohol & Drug Assessments


Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assessments

Educare licensed staff can conduct assessments/evaluations to determine if a substance use disorder may be present. These assessments are sometimes voluntary. Others may be required by the courts, employers, or by states requiring these assessments to re-instate driving privileges.  Recommendations will be made based on the assessment. If necessary, treatment options will be offered & referrals made to the person being assessed. Upon request, reports will be sent to courts, employers or state DMV.

Educare can typically conduct these assessments within 48 hours of calling or email to our office at 615-599-9917 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




  • Williamson County - $70.00
  • Out of county - $90.00
  • Out of state - $90.00
  • Civil cases - $90.00
  • Out of state drivers license reinstatement - $150.00


DOT Assessments

Tony Owens is a licensed DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) available to complete assessments required by the US Department of Transportation.


CALL -615-599-9917

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