Educare Programs

  1. Are you involved in the criminal justice system and in need of treatment assistance in meeting court requirements?
  2. Are you ready to stop the cycle of reoccurring legal problems?
  3. Have you had trouble controlling your anger that has caused problems for you and your family?
  4. Have your legal problems affected your relationships?  Finances? Employment?
  5. Are you embarrassed by the things you have said or done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  6. Have you been involved with the criminal justice system due to alcohol or mood altering substances?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Educare can help. Educare programs can assist you in meeting your court requirements and helping you to avoid these problem situations in the future.

Educare welcomes all clients under our “No Wrong Door” policy. We offer compassionate treatment for both substance use disorder and mental health disorders, regardless of where an individual enters our range of services. Our programs utilize the person-centered approach allowing clients to move from one level of care to another as appropriate; prevention, low-intensity outpatient (LIOP), and intensive outpatient (IOP).

Many clients are challenged with more issues than just substance use. Our professional staff are able to help identify and work with clients to help them ensure they receive comprehensive treatment and support from Educare staff and agency referrals. We offer support not only to our clients, but also to each family member and community neighbors who may be affected by substance use or co-occurring disorders.

DUI Safety School

Anger Management / Conflict Resolution

Substance Abuse Education


Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Recovery Court Programs

Treatment Programs

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